What is a Webcard?

Your Webcard is a simple but powerful mobile webpage for your business - your FREE business card online from Web.com!

Fully responsive allowing customers to access business information on any device

Key Business Details and Actions - all your key information published in a neat and clear format

Clear calls to action to encourage contact from customers

FREE Web.com URL such as web.cards/mybusiness

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What are the benefits of a Webcard?

If you DON'T have a Website

  • Quick starter presence
  • Responsive / mobile ready
  • Your key business info at the tips of your Customer's fingers
  • Unique web.com URL or point your own domain

If you DO have a Website

  • High quality back link from trusted web.com domain to your own website
  • Useful mobile friendly summary of your key business information
  • Additional SEO entry for your business that can independently index and increase your online profile

How do I edit my Webcard?

Editing a Webcard could not be easier. Just login to your Webcard, you can then follow the simple online instructions to add your latest content which will be published INSTANTLY.